Woven Coalition Scarves

Authentic Middle Eastern scarves. Soft, breathable cotton. Useful for keeping the sun off and the sand out. Color: Tan/Brown,  Jolly Roger, Green/Black,   Black/Red, White/Black,  Slate Blue/Black, Sand/Tan, Mocha/Black, Black/White, Coyote,   Khaki/Black,   White/Red,  ACU, Foliage/Black, Cobalt Blue/Black, Coyote/Black, Black/Coyote,   Pink/Black,   Black/Pink, Purple/Black, Black/Purple, Tan/Brown w/Voodoo,  
Voodoo Black/Yellow,   Black/Yellow/Voodoo,   Pink/Lady Voodoo, Purple/Lady Voodoo
Size: 42″ x 42″
SKU: 08-3065


Tactical Pen

This is a great device meant to be used on the bad guys pressure points. This item can normally be carried were more offensive weapons cannot. This pen has a great Parker pen inside and is reloadable. This is a great defense item for students for all ages.



Priority Medical Training