Tactical Pen

This is a great device meant to be used on the bad guys pressure points. This item can normally be carried were more offensive weapons cannot. This pen has a great Parker pen inside and is reloadable. This is a great defense item for students for all ages.



Priority Medical Training

Woven Coalition Scarves

Authentic Middle Eastern scarves. Soft, breathable cotton. Useful for keeping the sun off and the sand out. Color: Tan/Brown,  Jolly Roger, Green/Black,   Black/Red, White/Black,  Slate Blue/Black, Sand/Tan, Mocha/Black, Black/White, Coyote,   Khaki/Black,   White/Red,  ACU, Foliage/Black, Cobalt Blue/Black, Coyote/Black, Black/Coyote,   Pink/Black,   Black/Pink, Purple/Black, Black/Purple, Tan/Brown w/Voodoo,  
Voodoo Black/Yellow,   Black/Yellow/Voodoo,   Pink/Lady Voodoo, Purple/Lady Voodoo
Size: 42″ x 42″
SKU: 08-3065