All of our medical supplies are top of the line and we always are striving to give you what you need to help save a life or treat an illness or injury 

Portable Power

Our products from Hardened Power Systems are some of the toughest and reliable on the market. They make it easy to understand they explain all the volts, watts, amps. So  anyone can understand what they need and what they will get.  

We have a full range of classes from Survival Medicine to CPR to Wilderness EMT courses and a full line of professional course.

Our blog for on going learning 

Priority Medical Training



Welcome to Priority Medic al Training and Products.

We can give you the products you need and the training to go with them. We have personal trauma kits up to family disaster kits. We want to give you the service you need. We also offer disaster classes by request at your location with a class of at least 10 students. Please look through our site we do add products and services on a  regular basis. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and email us anytime with a question or request.

Don't buy things you don't need we sell items that work and they work well