Bug Out Bag- Get Home Bag

Voodoo Tactical Enhanced Level III Bag
Gerber mulitool
Roll of duct tape
One MRE meal ready to eat
Pelican flashlight with batteries
Water bladder
Sewing kit
Sun screen
Water purification tablets
Rite in the Rain pad
Space pen
Toothbrush and paste combined
Fire starter magnesium type with water proof matches as a secondary
Compass Military style
Yo-Yo fishing reel
Bagged Water
Isaralie Dressing

Medical Responder Kit

Contents include:
QuickClot 25 Grams
S.W.A.T. - T Tourniquet
Sterile and Non-sterile gauzes - Assorted sizes
Bulky Trauma Dressing
Adhesive Bandages
Survival Blanket
Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Diphenhydramine, Lopermide, Meclinzine, Bactracin, Cold Relief Tablets
Triangular Bandages
Elastic Bandages
EMT shears
CPR Shield


Priority Medical Training

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Voodoo Tactical Multi-tool

Simple multi-tool with all the basic tools to get you through. screwdriver,knife,can opener, saw, file and spring assist pliers.


If you only need a low profile rucksack,
this is it. Complete with attached weapon guide blocks, adjustable
harness and waist band with zippered trail snack pockets, inside mesh
pockets and full length side pouches. Hydration compatible.

Colors: Black, O.D., Coyote, Army Digital, Woodland Camo
Dimensions: 9½”L X 11½”W X 17″H
Weight: 2.42 lbs

SKU: 15-9046


Suture Kit

U.S. Military field style. All New components. Scissors, probe, sutures, scalpel, hemostat, pen light, tweezers, alcohol pads and ointment. Packed in G.I. Style universal pack cloth. Colors: Black, O.D., Coyote DImensions: 7″L X 5″W X 2½”H SKU: 10-7688

Disaster Medical Kit

Contents include:
Suture Kit
Stapler Kit
Sterile dressing 4x4, 2x2, 5x9 5 each
Non-sterile dressings, assorted
Large abdominal dressing
Silver space blanket 1 each
Quick clot 25 grams 1 each
SWAT-T tourniquet 1 each
Oral glucose 15 grams 2 each
Glow sticks 2 each
C-collar adult and pediatric size
Ace wrap type assorted sizes
SAM splints
Over the Counter Meds:
Allergy Medicine            
Triangular bandage
Band aids
EMT shears